I have developed whiteheads over the last 12 months and I am struggling to remove them. The most difficult ones are around my lower eyelid and the side of my nose. Can you advise best product for removing these difficult spots.

Two products come to mind:

First of all; regular Green Herb Skin Peels (3-4 per year)

One kit has about 10 peels in it so it last about 2 years https://www.homepeel.com.au/green-herb-skin-peel.php
Please read about the product on the above link - it will explain how keeping the stratum corneum at bay on your skin, it will remain congestion free.

Secondly our Spot Remover Kit https://www.homepeel.com.au/spot-remover-kit.php

This product enables you to remove pimples the correct way without causing scars (not designed fro whiteheads though)