I did green herbs peel this morning. I did not feel discomfort or stinging on her skin, then the peel will not work? Can I re-do it tomorrow. My best guessing was this: I did not rub the watery paste deeply into face, but just gently massaged the paste on

Yes you can go ahead and try straight away - you really needs a pain factor of at least 8 out of 10 to happen and keep it at 8 for a full 5mins in order to get a great peel. Keeping up the rubbing and adding small amounts of lotion as needed.

It is not uncommon to need a second attempt on your first try. It takes a try or two to get the hang of the best way to use the peel to suite the individual skin type. Please see below tips on how to push the peel harder. This is often required on skin that does not respond with heat as soon as the product hits the skin.

Take a long hot bath (or steam your face) and exfoliate your skin very thorough with a scrub and face washer.

Then perform the peel straight after – before you even leave the bathroom. Make sure everything is all set-up before you get in. The more salt from your sweat you have in your skin, the stronger the peel will become.

The skin should still be warm and subtle. The salts in your skin will increase the intensity of the peel.

I will warn you, if you have prepared the skin appropriately, it will sting like buggery the moment it hits the skin. Try to work it in as long and hard as you can. Use a fan if you want.

The reality is that you need to get the peel to hurt at a pain factor of at least 8 out of 10 for at least 5 mins to get a good peel (keeping the pain at that level by continuing to rub throughout that 5 mins - adding more lotion as required).

Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe. It may feel (in fact it will feel) like you are pushing 2 hard and may do damage– but in reality – you could not go anywhere near the pain threshold you would need to in order to even get close to damaging your skin. This product is unable to reach the dermis, so any work is superficial (meaning it will peel off)

Keep adding lotion to the herbs as you work them in. The longer you work them in, the more painful it will become. Be brave!!

You can try again straight away.

Keep skin dry as possible over the 5 day peeling process. For BEST results. Don’t wash or wet your face over the entire period. Try not to sweat or perspire

To increase even further, add an equal amount of table salt to the herbs before you add the lotion. This will increase the strength of the peel as well.

Enjoy your new skin!